"Tim Cox is a highly experienced low pressure trainer who has a passion for training people in firearms use. He and his wife Lynne help make you feel comfortable and stress free during training yet gently push you to improve yourself and step out of your comfort zone to be a marksman. Highly recommend Black Flag Arms Co. for any level training you desire!"


"Tim is a very qualified, confident, detailed and impassioned firearms instructor. He and his son Grant have many years of military and law enforcement experience so the training is very natural to them. This was my first class (Basic Pistol) and I was admittedly nervous but Tim, his wife Lynne and Grant ran this class in a very orderly fashion, I was made to feel comfortable and safe. Tim and Grant were willing to personally help or answer any question at any time with humility and patience. Not only are you getting awesome professional firearms training from Black Flag Arms Co., but you're also helping stop human trafficking; as that is their mission. Great job guys! Highly recommend this class!"


"Tim is a very structured and thorough trainer. You can tell he is very skilled and confident in his abilities and that confidence transfers to his students but in a very safe environment. I am looking forward to more advanced training and would recommend him very highly. I plan on checking out Black Flag Arms for my ammunition and firearm purchases in the future."


"If you are looking for a self-defense class, we highly recommend Black Flag Arms Company. Marissa and I, along with her friends, took a 3 hour class this morning. Tim is an excellent teacher and very relatable - especially with teens. We learned situational awareness as well as how to use defensive postures. We left the class feeling confident that we have tactics to use if we are ever in a dangerous situation. We will definitely be taking other classes that he offers. We love supporting the work that Tim and Black Flag Arms Co. do to rescue children who are trafficked."


"I took a 3 hour beginner gun training class. Tim is an excellent and patient instructor. He has a teaching system in place and was very prepared. I left knowing I had a strong foundation to build upon. I highly recommend Black Flag Arms Co. and support their mission to train and empower women. I will be back for self-defense courses and further handgun training! Thank you!"


"I highly recommend Black Flag Arms Co. for shooting instruction. I took the basic Level 1 handgun class and got everything I needed. As an inexperienced shooter I wanted to learn the basics and get some shooting experience. By the end of the class I felt much more comfortable handling a gun and shooting accurately. Tim, Grant and the team have a great approach to teaching using experience, humor and real-world situations, thank you!"


"I recently took the basic handgun training course. I grew up around guns but lacked confidence in handling my own. Not anymore! I have walked away from this course a changed woman :-) I'm now much more confident and feel like my skill set improved exponentially in those 4 hours. Tim has a way of taking something that can be very intimidating and make it fun and exciting to learn. Thank you for your patience and clear instruction!"